Editor, Daily Nexus,

It is unfortunate that Max Bottaro’s last two years in I.V. didn’t live up to the expectations he had (“Isla Vista Has Lost Its Spunk,” Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). What is even more unfortunate is that he apparently gained nothing from the experience, either. His homophobic, sexist and racist slurs insulted our town as he represented what it “used to be”… regardless of the “totally jk.” If that is how Isla Vista really used to be, are any of us living a worse life in its present state?

I think that I.V.’s cool-down has less to do with the bureaucracy and far more to do with the fact that there are fewer ignorant fools like Max in our home. The culture of I.V. is blossoming into a diverse society where people can express themselves without harming others. It is unfortunate that the Bottaros are still here contributing to the hate (crimes) and fear inflicted upon underrepresented groups.

It is not surprising to me, however, that Max is so incredibly degrading. As he and his Sigma Phi Epsilon frat bros slip the new sorority pledges ecstasy and alcohol till they black out, of course he will show no respect. Borrato is a complete disgrace to this campus as he tears down his peers for no reason other than to gloat. Maybe Max should try doing something more productive than drinking, partying, playing into rape culture and throwing around slander toward the queer and colored communities. Then maybe he can enjoy the I.V. most of us are enjoying.

Oh, and “faggot” is not, at all, a good curse word.