Editor, Daily Nexus,

My letter is in response to “Isla Vista Has Lost Its Spunk” by Max Battaro (Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). Dearest Battaro, do you have an ounce of forethought in your wee little mind, or did all of your partying/drug use/misogynistic behaviors prevent you from fully developing a brain?

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol, in addition to UC Santa Barbara, has rules for a reason. It’s so dim-witted students like you don’t burn down the entire place. In your pro-couch burning, underage drinking, sexually-charged article, you did not stop to reason how your actions will harm others. A burning couch can represent a real threat to nearby homes or incoherent drunk students, in addition to wasting the time and efforts of firefighters. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer that our firefighters work on real threats. Believing that you and other students own the town of Isla Vista displays your true character — that of a narcissistic hedonist.

Multiple comments throughout Battaro’s column left me with an angry aftertaste. How about referring to Fall Offense as “gay,” then jokingly re-coining it “fall faggotry”? My favorite gem was his stupefied reaction to receiving a citation — “we weren’t being black”! The amounts of misogynist comments were too many to count. These little remarks contribute to the sexist society that we live in. Isla Vista is well-known as a place for sexual assaults on women. Nicknames such as “Slut Castles” or “Sloppy Cunt” for the newly renamed Santa Catalina dorm contribute to the disrespect of women and their genital parts. Battaro’s scattered “jk”s do not pull from the fact that he made these jokes that harm and offend many people in our community.

I highly recommend that Battaro, in addition to others who share his point of view, expand their mindset and consider the ramifications of their actions. The world would be much more pleasant with considerate people who don’t enjoy knocking others down for fun.