Dane Cook is not — and probably never will be — a movie star. While his standup has proven to be immensely popular, it translates poorly to the big screen, and Cook’s army of presumably adolescent fans have not bought tickets to his string of cinematic flops — see “Good Luck Chuck” and “Employee of the Month.”

“My Best Friend’s Girl” manages to be slightly less awful than his past films — not exactly a compliment, but this movie isn’t completely un-funny. With a supporting cast that’s far more talented than its lead actor, it has the potential to provide a bit of a diversion during these last days of summer.

The story is formulaic and simple: Cook plays Tank, a boneheaded bad boy who gets paid to treat women like dirt. Men hire him to take their girlfriends on the worst dates of their lives, thus making them realize how much better off they were. Of course, in a shocking — read: predictable — twist, Tank ends up falling in love with one of these unfortunate ladies in the process… not just any girl, but his sensitive, intelligent best friend Dustin’s girlfriend, Alexis, played by a bubbly and beautiful Kate Hudson. Who has broken up with Dustin — the quirky Jason Biggs — because he said he loved her a little too soon. Yeah, shocking… yawn.

The jokes are slapstick and routine, and the laughs that score the biggest are in fact the film’s most sexist and inappropriate. All in all, the riotously funny Alec Baldwin is the best thing this film has to offer: Baldwin plays Tank’s father, a prestigious professor of women’s studies, and ignorant pig, who ironically has taught Tank all of his womanizing ways.

Lizzy Caplan is the film’s breath of fresh air, playing Alexis’ promiscuous roommate, Ami, who has no job and only wants to party and have fun. Caplan is spontaneous and hilarious character a great alternative to Hudson’s typical loveable and sweet persona. Caplan shines in this role as the wild child and brings a sense of realism to the film.

Ultimately, this film delivers what its trailer promises: a mindless story involving a sexy woman falling for a sexist pig. The laughs are there, but it goes for the lowest form of humor: There’s nothing original or especially inspired about the film. I’m guessing “My Best Friend’s Girl” may be the last Dane Cook comedy we see in a while.