Last week, L.A. underground hip-hop artist Busdriver released another eclectic single, “Ellen Disingenuous” on iTunes. Also floating around the Web for your (legal) downloading pleasure: new tracks by Sigur Ros (Gobbledigook), Ratatat (Mirando), Albert Hammond, Jr. (GfC) and The Clientele (Share the Night).

The University Art Museum will host the Art Department Undergraduate Exhibition starting on Wednesday, June 11. The gallery will feature artwork from a wide variety of mediums and runs until June 14. As usual, the museum’s hours are from noon until 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, and admission is free.

Nasty and unnecessary violence… or brutally incisive social commentary on the state of modern voyeuristic entertainment? You be the judge: French director Michael Haneke’s remake of his own 1997 film, “Funny Games,” starring Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet and Naomi Watts, comes out on DVD Tuesday, June 10.

Artist Jaime Hernandez has been writing and drawing about aging punks Maggie and Hopey since the early ’80s in his Love and Rockets comic book series he began with his brothers. He recently released an impressive graphic novel, The Education of Hopey Glass, which you can purchase from Fantagraphics.

Later this month, author Gary Herman’s nonfiction book, Rock ‘n’ Roll Babylon, will be released. Seemingly modeled off experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger’s bestselling novel, Hollywood Babylon, Herman digs up lurid and scandalous tales from some of the music industry’s biggest stars, from Sid Vicious to Keith Richards to Tupac Shakur.