Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was shocked and offended by professor Walter Yuen’s perspective on and his proposed restriction of Halloween in Isla Vista (“A.S. Defers Plans for Halloween Treats,” Daily Nexus, May 29). Yuen proposed restricting vehicle traffic in Isla Vista during Halloween weekend to prevent the area from becoming a “death trap” if we don’t limit “outsiders.” Let’s just imagine what would happen if we do try to restrict outsiders. First of all, those “outsiders” you are referring to are my friends, asshole. Secondly, this is the United States of America. Citizens are free to travel within our borders. If these “outsiders” get turned around at roadblocks, do you think they will turn around and go home? Nearby neighborhoods and shopping centers will be flooded with cars. Tow truck drivers will be overwhelmed, and may not be able to keep up. When the “outsiders” finally arrive in Isla Vista by foot, which cannot be legally stopped, they’re going to be pissed as hell. Isn’t that worse than just letting them come here, which they have the right to do?

What gives A.S. Legislative Council the right to restrict the freedoms of American citizens? The council would be overstepping its authority by trying to restrict Halloween. Furthermore, this type of anti-party legislation goes hand-in-hand with bogus Halloween noise ordinances prohibiting amplified music – a ban that has never held up in court. That’s right – if the cops give you a “Halloween Noise Violation,” just be polite, sign the citation and fight it in court. The police will lose every time.

Regardless of whether or not traffic is allowed into Isla Vista during Halloween, local police, fire and rescue workers must still plan for the worst. So let’s say we only plan on about 25,000 people, but then 40,000 people show up anyway. We would be facing a much more dangerous scenario than we would if we were to embrace the fact that Halloween in Isla Vista is a tradition for tens of thousands of people. Government oppression may be commonplace in Yuen’s hometown of Canton, China, but I refuse to tolerate such infringements on my rights – and the rights of my fellow Americans – in our country.