With only a few weeks left before my asshole landlords boot me out of I.V. for good, I had planned on spending my dwindling days as a student re-enacting all my favorite activities. You know, pint night at Woodstock’s, pitchers at Sam’s, drinks at Q’s, pitchers at Gio’s, 30’s from S.O.S., drinks at Tonic, pitchers at Deja. Basically, all the necessities. I never thought I’d be able to experience something new, but lo and behold, my favorite band announces they’re playing D.P. tonight. “Band Before Flies,” in Isla Vista! I still can’t believe it. BBF! Just follow the smooth sounds. This is the best thing to happen to I.V. since the homeless people were shipped out.

Friday’s Forecast: What? The hobos are still here? Shit. Why? No, I don’t have a goddamn quarter.