It’s Tuesday night and I’m standing in a three-room apartment on Abrego Road with Lynne and she’s asking me if I think she should move in here. The door doesn’t lock but I’m tired of her not getting it so I tell her I don’t care, whatever she thinks. She gives me a blank look. We go upstairs, passing several people smoking meth and sitting on lawn chairs in plain sight.

The upstairs apartment is crowded but not packed with people from Northern California who know Jade. I met him once before and he seems kind of stringy for being a cage fighter, but I don’t really want to question that as he hands me a bong. I do a rip and now I’m sitting in a recliner talking to a skinny blonde girl from Mendocino County and impressing her with my intimate knowledge of her area. Lynne interrupts to ask if I want any coke and I say sure and she leads me to the bathroom where there are two girls bending over the sink doing lines off a mirror. She wants to know how much and I tell her just one line. She cuts a healthy one and I smile and bend over and do it while she’s standing there with her hand on my ass. The only problem is that it doesn’t really taste like coke and when I walk back into the room to inform Nick of this he agrees but thinks I’m being paranoid. I ask Amanda where she got it and if it’s cut with meth or if it is meth and she tells me that if it was meth it would be yellow and she got it from Maggie so to calm down. It’s definitely meth.

I sit down and start talking to Jade. He says, “You’re a nervous guy, yeah?”

“Um, yeah,” I say and laugh because at this point I am tweaking my face off and it’s all I can do to stop grinding my teeth and concentrate on what he’s saying.

He wants me to go work out with him at the gym and I tell him to call me sometime. He says he will and then offers me what he calls a mole, which is half tobacco and half weed snapped through a bong. Why the hell not? He gives me specific instructions on how to do it: Breathe in and then out quickly, if you hold your breath too long you’ll cough up a lung. I wave him off and proceed to hold in my breath way too long and have to cough my way over to the sink while the whole room is in hysterics. Lynne offers me another line and I do it and then Mike comes up to me and tells me that he’s bored and so is Nick and can we please leave soon and I want to know why rush because I’m so spun and don’t really feel like driving home so I ask them to wait another 15 minutes.

Then I sit on the ground and talk to Morgan about Coachella, which Lynne claims that she can get tickets for, which is doubtful, and Morgan claims she’s been every year and is going again this year and offers to let us stay at her house, which is probable. Now Mike and Nick are officially Getting Annoyed and Very Drunk and On Meth and drag me out of the party and I tell Lynne that I’ll see her when she gets back to Francisco Torres.

I’m sitting in a room telling Nick how drunk I am and we both agree what we did was most definitely either mostly meth or very little coke and he can’t even talk because he’s so wasted but he’s still up because of the coke and so he just stares at me across the room as I talk at a million miles a minute. Lynne comes in and I’m finally tired so Nick leaves and I ask where her roommate is and she doesn’t know and we lock the door and go to bed.