Editor, Daily Nexus,

It is a privilege to know and to have the opportunity to work with 3rd District county supervisor candidate Victoria Pointer. Several local county papers have observed that Pointer’s history of voluntary service to the 3rd District, including service as mayor of Buellton, make her an extraordinary and superior choice for local voters. In my dealings with her, she has been accessible, forthright and “right-on” in her judgments about professional, civic and family issues. Her personal experience of raising three children, having a collaborative approach and being an excellent and intelligent listener contribute to her personal and professional success.

Unlike some of her heavily financed opponents, Pointer comes to this race with the faith that our local voters can decide who will serve them best based on her history of public service rather than promises and the stain of political commitments associated with a few other candidates and their well-heeled contributors. I am confident Pointer will add a moderate and rational voice to our Board of Supervisors while acting in the best interests of families, the environment and communities of north, central and south Santa Barbara County.