Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am very intrigued as to why the Daily Nexus felt it was appropriate to endorse Steve Pappas for 3rd District Supervisor.

The purpose of a newspaper, particularly a college newspaper, is to report and provide unbiased, nonpartisan information to its readers. The Nexus not only broke this golden rule, but also gave inaccurate information as a means of swaying undecided voters.

Pappas is not an “unconventional” politician. He has been a registered Republican his whole life and until just recently when, before running for office, he changed his political party to Independent.

Regardless of vague claims, Pappas does not hold strong views on the environment. On his Web site, out of the seven issues that compose his platform, “striking a ‘balance’ between economic and environmental concerns” shows up sixth on the list, and even then he states helping business before desiring to “preserve wildlife,” which is a similar claim that John McCain has made, who just so happens to hold the worst environmental voting record out of all 535 members of Congress.

It is important that readers do not jump to conclusions in thinking that the Nexus represents common opinion among students. UCSB is an environmentally conscious campus, and the candidate who actually integrates his or her actions with his or her beliefs should get people’s votes.