Editor, Daily Nexus,

Congratulations on your endorsement of Steve Pappas. It makes sense. Where was Pappas last Wednesday night when Doreen Farr sat through a three-hour Redevelopment Agency/I.V. Project Area Committee meeting less than two weeks before the election? Where was Pappas when she stuck up for Isla Vistans, telling the Board that the I.V. Master Plan was just an outline and that community input is still vital?

Of course, the Nexus had an article last year that cheered on the downtown I.V. zoning changes that will let the developers build five-story buildings on the ecologically sensitive loop. Around the same time, the Nexus received $20,000 from Conquest and claimed they were just sticking up for the First Amendment. This was after referring to the tent city protestors as “agitators.” Seems to me that the Nexus’ commitment to I.V. and UCSB is pretty artificial.

If it were not, they would probably report the fact that the University proposes to chop down the eucalyptus curtain between campus and I.V. and take out the Pardall Tunnel as well. The comment period for the Long Range Development Plan lasts until June 23.

Doreen Farr’s commitment to our community has been demonstrated with deeds. So I must ask, where was Pappas and where was the Nexus?