Proposition 99 is the answer to Prop 98, but it may just be too legally vague. Although both propositions aim to protect property owners, Prop 99 differentiates itself by not being chock-full of legal loophole. Currently, the Constitution only allows the government to use eminent domain when the owner is justly compensated for the property and when the property is acquired for public use projects like schools, roads, and utilities. Like its opponent, Proposition 99 would eliminate the government practice of using eminent domain to acquire property and then transfer it to private entities. However, Prop 99 makes a few exceptions, and allows acquisitions in situations involving public health and safety, crime prevention and public work or improvement. Prop 99 seems to be the lesser of two evils, and doesn’t mention eliminating rent control – an entity that proves to be a godsend for Isla Vista residents. However, because Prop 99 fails to be specific when it needs to be, we feel it needs more revision before being placed before California voters.

The Daily Nexus opposes Proposition 99.