Because we’re headed into a nasty recession, lots of people aren’t spending as much money on Mom as they usually might have. This is true for me, too. It’s not that I’ve been hit particularly hard by the recession, but I’m just poor in general. I was going to air a national commercial for my mom, but then John McCain beat me to it. It’d just look dumb if I did it now. So, Mom, for you this Mother’s Day, I have a very special blog entry full of overdue apologies and thank yous.

I’m sorry I got really mad at you and cried when you found my scrap paper that said “I love Nick” in the trash can. Turns out I wasn’t actually in love with him, so it’s not a big deal.

I’m sorry I made you tell me every single morning what my options were for breakfast, even though they were always the same (hot cereal, cold cereal, Charlie’s bread, bagel, Eggo).

I’m sorry I always made you play the boy Barbies. I’m sure you wanted a chance to change Kelly’s outfits and brush her hair, too.

I’m sorry I made fun of your “old people” music for so long. Turns out I actually love Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin. And Crap at 10 on KFOG only sucks half the time.

Thank you for driving me and my friends all over the Bay Area just to see *NSYNC and Justin Timberlake.

Thank you for being the best leader Troop 850 ever saw.

Thank you for being such a huge loser and teaching me that dorkiness is something to be embraced.

Thank you for signing me out of school even when you knew I wasn’t sick.

Thank you most of all for absolutely believing in me and being more proud of me than anyone else in the world (except Dad… you guys tie). You remind me that life is actually fun and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I love you, Momma!