Dear Sen. Barack Obama and his supporters,

As a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, I would like to congratulate you on your recent win in North Carolina and your near comeback in Indiana. Because of your victories, Clinton no longer has the opportunity to win this nomination. All of her arguments have now been exhausted. She claimed she was winning the popular vote, which will no longer be possible. She claims she has an advantage with middle class white voters – while that remains true, they would still support you in the long run. She claims she is better prepared to run this country, and while I agree, you too will usher in an America once again able to stand on her feet and be the symbol of hope she once was. Obama, you are the candidate to beat in this election, and I hope you are the nominee. However, you must call for Florida and Michigan’s votes to be counted. Obama supporters: You must join me in calling for this.

Before May 6, Clinton – including Michigan and Florida – held the popular vote by 11,000 votes. After North Carolina, Obama – even with zero votes in Michigan – holds the popular vote by nearly 200,000 votes, according to Real Clear Politics. With five states left, Clinton cannot catch up with him in the popular vote. So why then, Obama, are you not pushing for Florida and Michigan to count? Both states are vital for the general election. A total of 2.3 million Democrats came out to vote, and while Clinton did win 55 percent of the vote in Michigan and 50 percent of the vote in Florida, Obama still holds a clear majority. Until those states’ delegates are counted, Clinton holds a rational reason to stay in this race: To make sure the Democratic National Committee counts those two vital states in the next election.

In 2000 and 2004, the Democrats suffered close losses in Florida and managed to win Michigan, a swing state. Obama, in order for you to secure your chances of becoming president, Florida and Michigan will be necessary in the general election. Please, Obama, do not give John McCain his dream campaign ad: McCain sitting on a chair in front of a fireplace in his nice suit, stating: “In January of 2008, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party did not want your votes to count in the presidential election. He did not campaign in your state, and even removed his name from the ballot in Michigan. As November nears, Obama and the Democrats suddenly tell you they want your voice heard. Show them that your voice mattered then as it does now, and vote for me, John McCain.”

As November nears, a new dawn of a Democratic president and the end of the Bush Presidency seems all the more likely. As the presumptive nominee, I urge you to come out and tell the Democratic Rules Committee on May 31 that they must seat Florida and Michigan. More importantly, I urge you to spend your time in Florida and Michigan after the May 20 primaries, and tell the people of those states you will make sure their votes count. Obama supporters, I urge you to tell him how he must do this if he plans on winning in November. But most importantly, I urge you as Americans to fight for the right of 2.3 million Americans whose votes were denied for political reasons. If you support Obama and a Democratic Presidency in 2008, then attach your name to this column at Do not wait to see what the rules committee does on May 31 – come out now and show your support for Florida and Michigan.