Editor, Daily Nexus,

I recently read an article regarding a new development plan in the Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq. The Pentagon has backed a $5 billion development, which includes luxury shopping, hotels and condos near the U.S. Embassy. Awesome. Mission accomplished. This is a great idea because now the average wealthy American can get a piece of the Iraq pie – it is no longer limited to big business. If I want to go to Iraq I can eat the same food, buy the same things and stay in the same luxury resorts as we have here in cool California.

Isn’t it about time we gave Iraqi people what they really wanted? Planting a seed of American consumerism? American culture is so obviously superior to theirs that we are in fact doing them a huge favor – not that killing how many thousands of innocent men, women and children isn’t also appreciated. Hopefully soon streets in Baghdad will be renamed to honor brave Americans who have spent their lives dedicated to spreading freedom. People such as… our current president? In fact, why not rename the country and change the language to, you know, something we can understand better? English should do just fine.

Great to know imperialism is still working, that there is a “safe” zone large enough for another benefit to America’s occupation of Iraq: tourism! Glad to see the U.S. has got their priorities straight as far as human rights. That is, the right of Americans to not even consider other humans as humans needing rights themselves.