Traditionally, Sunday is seen as a day to take it easy. For some, this stems from the Christian Sabbath, which is supposed to be a day of rest. This day is often spent going to church, watching football or simply relaxing. For the Isla Vista bubble, Sunday can often be a recovery day because you have been too fucked up since Thursday to do anything productive. For those who like to break out of the norm, I would like to introduce you to Sunday Funday!

I first heard of Sunday Funday when I was in Las Vegas a few years ago. It was actually called “Rehab” and was hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Pool. Thousands of people congregate on Sunday around noon to get obliterated in a giant swimming pool while listening to skilled DJs. During this trip to Vegas, Tiesto was performing, but I was unfortunately too young at the time to go. I thought to myself, “Why don’t they have something like this in Santa Barbara?” Upon my coming of age, my friends and I decided to create our own Sunday Funday.

The Santa Barbara version of Sunday Funday is a daytime event, and it’s loads of fun. It starts with the most amazing brunch deal in Santa Barbara: El Paseo. The seating is on a beautiful, ivy-covered outdoor patio. It costs about $40 for all-you-can-eat brunch, which includes delicious handmade tortillas, eggs, sausage, carne asada and dozens of other dishes. For dessert they have a milk chocolate and white chocolate fondue fountain that is to die for. To top it off, this price includes all you can drink margaritas and mimosas. If you have a cool server, they will usually let you double fist one of each and get pretty shitty before cutting you off.

Following this amazing meal and pre-game session, there are two great bars to go to. The first is Sharkeez, and their “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar. For about $8 you can make yourself a pretty stiff and delicious Bloody Mary, just the way you like it. For some reason, I always find myself drinking at Sharkeez. I don’t know if it is because the people who work there are really fun or because they always have great drink specials and themed parties. One time I was day drinking there and the manager introduced me to the best shot I have ever had. It is called a Chocolate Cake shot. It’s Frangelico, Stoli Vanilla, and a splash of Absolut Citron in a shot glass. You take the shot and then immediately chase it by biting into a lemon slice with sugar on it. Somehow, it tastes exactly like taking a bite of a delicious chocolate cake!

The other happening place on Sundays is Tonic. Starting on Memorial Day and going until Labor Day is “Sunday Session.” This reminds me of the Hard Rock in Vegas, because Tonic has sick DJs and bands perform all day. They also have a pretty big patio you can drink on while basking in the sun. Last summer I saw Rebelution and DJ AM play at Tonic and it was a lot of fun. I’ll embarrassingly admit they have a good deal on pitchers of peach mojitos.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Ray, this sounds like so much fun that I want to do it this Sunday – but what about Mother’s Day?” Here is your solution: Invite your old lady and the rest of the family to visit you this weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara. Tell her you are going to take her to a real nice brunch for Mother’s Day. After a few mimosas and margaritas, tell her you want to show her a real fun place down the street and take her to Sharkeez or Tonic. I’ve already tricked my Mom into coming up this weekend, so I can’t wait for Sunday Funday!