The San Francisco Chronicle recently put together a database of the University of California’s top earners. Over 17,000 of U.C. employees earn over $100,000 per year. And people say professors are underpaid.

The highest paid employee in the whole U.C. system is Jeff Tedford, head coach of football at Berkeley. I personally am disgusted that athletes and coaches are paid so much in general, so I was appalled that someone who does no research- or education-related work earned so damn much ($2,756,654!). Yes, I understand the argument that sports bring in a crap ton of money for the school and give researchers funds they wouldn’t otherwise have, and I appreciate that. I just think nearly $3 million is a little excessive for someone who yells, “COME ON! TOUCHDOWN!”

In general, it seems like UCSB employees just aren’t earning enough. None of our employees even crack the top 100 earners. Our highest paid employee is economics professor Finn Kydland at $373,817. Why so much for a measly econ professor who has a blue sad face on ratemyprofessors, you ask? He was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics. He wins.

Chancellor Yang is the fourth highest paid employee at UCSB, earning $319,666 per year. Despicable, I say! Yang and his wonderful wife Dilling do so incredibly much for this university; he deserves way more than this.

Some of my favorite professors included in the top earners are as follows:
John Baldwin (Soc 152, baby!): $118,764
Aaron Belkin (who made me the poli sci major I am today): $110,923
Christopher Newfield (who is quickly shaping up to be the most fascinating professor I’ve ever had): $125,008

Professors who didn’t make it but I really wish had:
Van Koppen (who convinced me for a brief quarter that I should be a chem. major)
All of my writing “lecturers,” who don’t get nearly enough recognition.

I’m not sure what sort moral codes I’m breaking by revealing professors’ wages to the public, but oh well. The Chronicle started it.
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