Editor, Daily Nexus,

Jordan Pokross wrote to the Nexus (“Dude Dishes on Respect for Women,” Daily Nexus, April 25), telling us “girls” that we need to stop wearing bikinis in Isla Vista and abandon our “expensive hairdos” in order to achieve equality. Wow, thanks, Jordan. I never realized that narrowing our options would actually help us – thank God a big, strong man like you came along to explain it to me.

But seriously. I wear my bikini around I.V. Why? Because it’s been 85 fucking degrees outside, buddy! “Social forces” aren’t pushing me to make that choice. I wear my bikini because I want to, not because of Tila Tequila. And let’s clarify something: It doesn’t matter where I wear my bikini, guys will say whatever stupid comments they want. Just this weekend I was at the beach, and every time I stood up in my suit the men – nay, boys – behind me kept loudly proclaiming they “REALLY love the view today!!” Then they discussed noisily which “girls” at the beach might give the best blowjobs. So should I never wear a bikini if I want to be treated nicely? Maybe a baggy, waterproof jumpsuit is in order. Yeah, that should solve the problem.

You also suggested that abandoning “expensive hairdos” is another way women can avoid mistreatment. Well, I buzzed off my platinum blonde hair this year for fun and guys haven’t gotten any nicer. Now when I walk down Del Playa, instead of yelling unwanted comments about my body or grabbing my ass, they just yell “dyke.” So, Jordan, instead of telling women how they should behave, save your energy for the people who are actually creating inequality. Be productive and take a stand against people who say degrading comments or choose to participate in activities that marginalize women and encourage violence – Fight Night, anyone? – Or just shut up.