Editor, Daily Nexus,

In Wednesday’s column (“I.V. Women Fend Off Self-Righteous Dudes,” Daily Nexus, April 30), three hyper-feminists vented their social frustrations on balcony-dwelling men making offensive comments to women. It sounds like a legitimate frustration, except in the process these women made condescending comments aimed at all men, especially white men – so this is a racial issue, also? They want these balcony-dwellers to stop making offensive comments, and want the brunt of the job to be shouldered by all men. Excuse me, but why am I responsible for something a few guys say or do just because I’m also a guy? I never made the comments – don’t get me into this!

Putting the responsibility and blame on men is like telling all atheists they’re anti-religious unless they publicly denounce any anti-religious rhetoric said by a few of their brethren. It’s also like telling the Muslim Student Association they are supporters of terrorism unless they publicly denounce violent Islamic jihad. This “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” logic is arrogant, counterproductive and only serves to make men less cooperative to the needs of these females.

These ladies must realize that assholes will always exist, and if they make sexist comments, treat them like everyone else: Ignore them. That’s how you treat attention-loving brats. But if these ladies want to combat these guys, that’s great. Even if I don’t say anything, I support these women and give them a round of applause. But if they think I’m an asshole for not publicly denouncing these few men’s sexist comments, I’ll give them a finger!