Following allegations of unfair campaign tactics during last week’s Associated Students election, three cases were presented to A.S. Judicial Council in the hopes of securing a hearing.

Last Thursday, Open People’s Party obtained 23 of the 29 elected positions available in A.S., including the four contested executive offices. However, when the results were announced, several members of the opposing party, Student Voice, said the election was conducted unfairly and should be invalidated.

Since the election, three petitions have been brought to A.S. Judicial Council. The Council votes on whether or not to hear each petition that is presented after deliberating. So far, one case was accepted for review and another was dismissed.

The Judicial Council has yet to deliberate on the third case, Student Voice v. Open People’s Party.

As of press time, details on the accepted case, A.S. Elections Committee v. Open People’s Party are unavailable. However it will be heard next Monday, May 5, at 5:30 p.m. in the A.S. conference room. Information regarding the case will be posted in the A.S. main office sometime this week.

The dismissed petition sought to overturn the disqualification of Joel Katz and Matt Berson – two OPP candidates. Berson and Katz, both of whom were running for off-campus representative, are the executive editor and executive managing editor of Rec Sports News, respectively.

The newsletter, which appeared as a pullout advertisement in the Daily Nexus last Wednesday, endorsed the two candidates and OPP. Following the newsletter’s appearance, the A.S. Elections Committee unanimously voted to disqualify Berson and Katz after it ruled that the two candidates violated the A.S. Election Code.