Editor, Daily Nexus,

In his response to the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s ad about the connections between the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization – and the Muslim Student Association (“Advertisement Creates Hardship for Muslim Students,” Daily Nexus, April 22), Yehya Chawich resorts to falsehood and slander and demonstrates that he doesn’t understand one of the essential concepts of democracy: The free exchange of ideas. Our ad was not a hate screed against Muslims – it was an informational ad about the political agendas of the Muslim Student Association, which does not represent all Muslims. In Europe there are Christian Democratic Parties. Criticizing such parties is not anti-Christian and no one claims it is. But radical Muslims in the United States constantly attack critics of their radicalism as anti-Muslim. This is simply an effort to persuade others to censor free speech. This tactic has been deployed successfully at universities across the country by the Muslim Student Association, where papers have refused to print the “Declaration Against Genocide” we submitted to them in deference to censors like Mr. Chawich. Mr. Chawich could respond to our ad by condemning the Islamic terrorist armies Hezbollah and Hamas, repudiating Mohammed’s call to Muslims to kill the Jews and refuting the claim that the Muslim Student Association was created by the Muslim Brotherhood. He has chosen not to do this because what we wrote in the ad is true.