Editor, Daily Nexus,

We’re five years into a war sold on blood and bullshit, and some people still have no fucking tact. The two letters published concerning the Muslim Student Association’s jihadist ties in Friday’s paper (“Potential Dangers of MSA Threaten Their Credibility” and “MSA Hesitates to Distance Itself From Islamic Fascism,” Daily Nexus, April 18) are offensive to me, not as a person of Middle Eastern descent but as a person of some intellect. Being Arabic isn’t the most fun these days, what with the flavor of the week trying to make a name for their club or organization by decrying “Islamo-fascism” or pointing out the potential of Arabs to be untrustworthy.

Mr. Chambers says the MSA “has not made a sufficient response.” However, it’s the right of all free peoples to not dignify ridiculous accusations. Mr. Cornelius’ assertion that there is suspicion by virtue of similarity is similarly racist. Historically, white people have been known to gather and hunt other, more colored folk, but every frat isn’t pestered by its potential for violence. Let’s not forget that some of our past leaders have been Klansmen, slave-owners, war hawks, Socialists and people in favor of torture. Remember that “knowing there are people misrepresenting themselves as peace-loving individuals,” we should be careful of the things we’re willing to say just because it’s OK, for now, to say them.

Many Islamic people are violent? Is Christianity still answering for genocide, rape, pedophilia, forced sodomy, anti-Semitism, racism and general hypocrisy? For any douchebags waiting for an apology or explanation or trying to milk their political outrage against a group that happens to be ripe for slandering, keep holding your fucking breath. Right now it may seem easier – even fun – to throw things at the people on the gallows. Idiocy and racism may be concealed by the spirit of the times, but racist idiocy always exposes itself by the shrill tone of the asshole in the crowd.

What are we waiting for? Assholes to stop mining a dead horse and exploiting the misery of others to make a name for themselves among the soulless, bloodsucking parasites of the earth.