Editor, Daily Nexus,

Although the advertisement in Monday’s paper regarding the Muslim Student Association’s ties to jihad is a subject of much anger and passion within the Muslim community here at UCSB, it should not be immediately discredited. Throughout the United States, there are many groups – particularly Muslim -promoting global peace between Islamic nations and America. One in particular, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has long advertised itself as a peaceful Muslim group that despises the actions of the radical sect of its religion. Interestingly enough, the group has had multiple leaders heavily tied to the funding of groups such as al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas – known terrorist organizations. This does not mean our own MSA has those same ties. But, knowing there are people misrepresenting themselves as peace-loving individuals, we should be careful how quickly we turn down the possibilities of such connections. I hope people would look into these matters for themselves and discover the lurking dangers at work in America. God bless the USA.