With a strong background in leadership, current RHA President Corey Huber will make an effective and efficient external vice president of statewide affairs. Huber prepared five succinct goals for his Nexus interview and is prepared for an entirely new direction for his position – something his office needs. One of Huber’s proposals includes a fee freeze in order to help students with the overwhelming costs of a UC education. Yet, in spite of his strong feelings and convictions, Huber never discounted opposing views and acknowledged the multiple perspectives on the subject.

He also proposed finding alternative funding and investments so that the University’s financial aid program would not rely so much on return-to-aid surcharges that are tacked on to student fees. Huber also stated that the best way to increase diversity at the UC is to focus on K-12 preparation programs.

The RHA president emphasized the necessity of bridging the gap between the office of EVPSA and students. His charming, yet straightforward demeanor instills confidence in his ability to work effectively with the Student Regent and UC Office of the President. He claimed that these connections are better resources than student lobby groups, which he said were often inefficient.

Justin Reyes is an enthusiastic candidate and possesses many of Huber’s fine qualities. However, we wonder if his enthusiasm will always represent a realistic view of state politics. The Nexus editorial staff is a little concerned with the faith Reyes puts into student lobbying as compared to Huber, who recognizes its uneven effectiveness. While Reyes is both intelligent and capable, the Nexus feels that he would just maintain the status quo.

Reyes would make a good external vice president of statewide affairs, but Huber would make an even better one.