Editor, Daily Nexus,

I cannot believe the Daily Nexus printed what I read on Wednesday (“Drinking Livens Up Homework Hell,” Daily Nexus, April 9): “study buzzed … take your test buzzed.” Of all the stupid, adolescent, immature advice that’s printed in this rag, you would think the editors of a university newspaper would draw the line at printing a student’s advice to break the law. Attending classes intoxicated is not legal – it’s called public intoxication. It is also against school policy and grounds for discipline. Besides, I do not want you to sit near me with your alcoholic stink – I can get that on the line 11 bus. Your condition could endanger others, while impairing your ability to think. That is what alcohol does, despite what the writer interprets as psychology. It is no wonder I have heard this paper referred to as the “Daily Nauseous.”