Good day! How’s it going? I am called Krystal. What are you called? Wow. That is cool. I was wondering if you can give me directions? Yes, the France is very beautiful here. You have many beautiful arts here. The Louvre, the Rodin Museum. Your food, he is also delicious! Excuse, but my French is not very good. I am trying to practice more. No, no, I am not here for vacation, I am here to study… and vacation. I’m joke with you. What school do I go to? University of California, Santa Barbara. You mean here? Oh… uh… hm. Well, the program that I am doing, it is through the University of California. We are studying in Paris, but all of our classes are in English.

What?! I am not knowing last week that there was a cancer in the park already. Oh-la-la. And there were many famous people singing at this cancer? I would love to go-ed, but last week I am going to out of town. Maybe next time. Have you listen to the radio in recent times? There is a singer that I like very much. Maybe you can help me know who she is. She sings songs. About love. It sounds like a new song, a little bit of pop, a little bit of jazz. Aww, that is too bad you don’t know who it is.

How is the weather here in Paris? She is starting to make very cold. Does it snow in winter in Paris? I always thought it snowed a lot. Before I leave California, everybody was telling me to bring a warm coat and to make sure I have a lot of warm clothes. My roommate and I even went to go shopping to look for a pea coat and some scarves. She was telling me, “You will need this,” but I didn’t really believe her. I can’t believe it is going to be getting even colder than this. I think I may have to be wearing socks with my Rainbows! Do you think that will be enough?

I wonder, you can tell me where it is that the Georgey Grapefruit center is? Oh, you know, Georgey Pamplemousse. Oh… Pompidou. That is what I meant. How you say that again? Pom-pee-doo? Haha. Where is the Georgey Pom-pee-doo center? Thank you. So I go up the escalators and then to the right, right? Ohhhhh… I go straight. Thank you very much. This is my first time. I am very sexually excited to see Georgey Pom-pee-doo. My art professoress was also very sexually excited about Georgey Pom-pee-doo’s center. She said that we should all be very sexually excited to see Georgey Pom-pee-doo’s center because it is very big. Why are you blushing and laughing?

I wish that my French is better so that I can talk better. I am… uh… I don’t know how the word is. I try to figure out where this map works, but I do not know what street this. I have been walking for a long time in the same place, like uh… a carrousel. Round like this. How do you say when you cannot find something? Oh yes! “Lost.” Thank you very much. I am a little lost and I have been walking around for a while. I am starting to get very like this: “Grrr!” How do you say that feeling when you frown and you are like: “Grrr!”?

Oh… you speak perfect English…