Disney Pixar has just released a list of upcoming films, and it has made me giddier than an iPhone geek downloading the software development kit. Really, nothing makes me happier than a quality Disney movie. I watched “Enchanted” for the first time over the weekend-Amy Adams is themost perfect real life princess ever – and I’ve been listening to Disney music all week. Disney is to blame for my bursts of joy as of late.

The new movie I’m most pumped for is “WALL-E”, which will be released this June. God, that little bugger of a machine looks adorable. That is how I can tell the people at Pixar are really talented – they can make me go, “Awww!” at some metal scraps.

The next movie up to bat is “Bolt,” to be in theaters in November this year. John Travolta is the voice of a super star dog who gets accidentally shipped to New York City and must make his way across the country with nobody to help him except a cat and a hamster he meets along the way. A dog making a cross-country trek…haven’t I seen that before? Even so, I’m quite looking forward to “Bolt.”

Know what I’m not looking forward to? The series of straight-to-DVD Tinkerbell movies. There will be one released each year, starting this year and finishing up in 2011. Bad choice, Disney. I have a feeling these films will be rushed and won’t be as funny or as creative as the other Disney greats.

Disney also thinks it’s a good idea to make “Toy Story 3” and re-release “Toy Story 1” and “Toy Story 2” in 3D. I’ll hand it to them: Woody and Buzz are two of the best friends in one of my favorite movies of all time, but seriously guys, move on. Oh, and “Cars 2?” Enough with the sequels.

Other movies I can’t wait for are “Rapunzel” – a remake of the classic – “Up” – an old man and a young whipper snapper embark on some global adventures – and “Newt” – the two remaining blue-footed newts, responsible for carrying on the species, hate each other.

Thank you, Disney Pixar, for giving me a reason to smile.

Totally unrelated side note: “The Office” is back tonight! Oh, thank the good TV lords above!