Irregardless of what you think, I believe your really made of what you eat up.

Oh, wow, that sentence just kills your grammar brain, doesn’t it? About 48 percent of you are probably looking at it and wondering what the heck is wrong because it looks just fine to you. You could really use what I’m about to talk about.

Language is the single most important tool for communication that we have. If you can’t put a sentence together in whatever language you speak, you can’t get your point across, no matter how brilliant your idea is. For this reason, I am a strong believer that everyone should strive for grammatical perfection. Yes, if you use the wrong “your,” I’ll still get what you’re trying to say, but you just look dumb.

I’m a bit afraid to criticize those who don’t have impeccable grammar because I know you guys will comment on a slip-up or two I’m bound to make. I am – gasp – not perfect, but I’m taking steps to improve literally every day.

You’d like to be more like me, you say? Join the crowd. You can start by subscribing to a couple of my favorite word-related podcasts. GrammarGirl does a weekly podcast on grammar – shocker, I know. She covers pretty basic grammar stuff and leaves out the complicated nuances, giving listeners just the “quick and dirty” tips. In less than 10 minutes, I’m sure even the least grammary of people can handle GrammarGirl.

So what about the word nerds who like the nitty gritty? Try NPR’s A Way with Words. Martha and Grant make treks through the nooks and crannies of the English language in their one-hour radio show. They take calls from listeners with language disputes (mute point? moot point? moo point?) and questions about where the heck we get some of our clichés (layers for meddlers and crutches for lame ducks -wtf?). I know you wouldn’t expect it, but the show is actually pretty funny. I usually listen to my podcasts on my bike, so when you see me laughing like a goon, you’ll know why.

Go on, flex your grammar muscles and take a bitty quiz. Nothing is sexier than big ol’ grammar biceps.