I’ve heard a lot of dirty mouths around this beautiful city. Some people use the f-word like it’s a comma and others drop the s-bomb into every sentence. We could all probably take a cue from South Pasadena, California. The city has declared the first week of March as No Cussing Week. The city of 25,000 is now a no-cussing zone – and I’m sure a George Carlin-free zone, too. Violators won’t get taken downtown, but might receive a few not-so-nice glares from neighbors.

So who came up with this? Some evangelical moms fed up with their kids’ language? Teachers who can’t stand being called “that fat bitch” anymore? The answer is none of these. Fourteen-year-old McKay Hatch and his No-Cussing Club birthed the idea. Hatch decided a couple of years ago to stop swearing, and told his friends that if they wanted to chill with him, they would have to stop swearing, too. His buddies swore a little bit first, then finally came around, and together they founded the No-Cussing Club last June.

You know how I know the No-Cussing Club is awesome? They have a sick Web site with really advanced graphics and a slick design. Okay, that was an unnecessary stab. The kid is 14 and he made a Web site, which is more than I’ve ever done. In addition to being a do-gooder, Hatch is also a great singer/songwriter. “It’s such a simple thing/that confounds the wisest men.” Bravo, Hatch. Bra-f*cking-vo.