Now is the time to care about local politics. As we enter into an exciting presidential year and become engaged in national and international politics, we also have the opportunity to make an impact on what is happening in our local neighborhoods and communities.

The 3rd District Supervisor seat – your most direct form of representation – will be up for election June 3 to replace outgoing supervisor, Brooks Firestone. The issues we deal with this spring in our county are similar to the global issues we also face. This election is a chance to show your support for preserving and expanding environmental protections, working for tenant rights in Isla Vista, representing the needs of low income and working families and having dedicated representation on the issues you care about most.

My name is Doreen Farr, and I am running for 3rd District Supervisor in order to ensure a more sustainable, more just and more accessible Santa Barbara County. I have lived and been active in Santa Barbara County for 25 years. Among other activities, I was a member of the County Committee for School District Organization, the Goleta Union School District Advisory Committee and served as a Planning Commissioner. As a past member of the County Planning Commission and as a consultant to the City of Goleta, I have an extensive background in working successfully with city and county residents on many important land use issues. My experience has taught me to highly value and always advocate for an open public process encouraging citizen involvement.

These are the reasons you should not only vote for me, but become engaged in this crucial election:

Our environment: Environmental leadership and activism is something Santa Barbara prides itself on. But the county continuously faces challenges against their hard work, like efforts to build more oil rigs, develop open space and coastline and hinder alternative transportation efforts. I will fight to preserve our current environmental protections and work toward a more sustainable Santa Barbara.

Representation: Isla Vista and UCSB play a crucial role in this election. They make up a third of the entire district and represent the youth vote, which brings energy and grass-roots efforts to important causes. Isla Vista often gets ignored and overlooked, because it is not a city. I will be a dedicated and accessible representative for Isla Vista through regular town hall meetings and having a permanent county office in I.V.

Housing: Isla Vista is changing, and for many, this means unaffordable homes and dense neighborhoods. I will be your ally on the board and work toward finding solutions to help prevent the massive evictions continuing to take place. I will also work to bring the housing inspector back to Isla Vista.

Community and safety: In addition to working to bring sidewalks and streetlights, I will encourage a better relationship between Isla Vista Foot Patrol and Isla Vista residents through focusing on community policing models. I will encourage more community-wide events that will concentrate on bringing the diverse Isla Vista community together.

These are just a few of the many issues we all deeply care about.

I have the experience, energy and ability to best represent the residents of the 3rd District and would consider it a great honor to be elected supervisor. I am endorsed by Congresswoman Lois Capps, the Santa Barbara Woman’s Political Committee, Santa Barbara County Green Party and PUEBLO. I look forward to working with you in the next few months.

I encourage everyone to come meet me at the supervisor candidate forum tonight – March 4 at Embarcadero Hall at 7:30.