Editor, Daily Nexus,

You know, Zac Gates, your most recent column (“Good Sense Hinders Ability to Obamasm,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 26) really takes me back to my freshman year. Conservative leanings, taking everything at face value, never questioning my beliefs, thinking “liberals” ruin everything, considering Fox News a legitimate news source… Oh, how times have changed.

I must say, your last article was pure neocon rhetoric, insulting to a wide audience and contributing nothing of merit to political discourse. You liken supporting Obama to a disease, you paint his supporters as stupid, socialistic, lazy or substance abusers, and your anti-intellectual rant gives off subtle hints of sexism and homophobia. Meanwhile, you blindly support an economic system rapidly failing us, and a White House with a military-industrial complex, selling out the freedoms our nation was founded upon for the sake of profit.

I am sickened not just by your words, but also by the fact I was like you once. The fact that you are an undeclared freshman speaks volumes to me. However, my time at UCSB has broadened my horizons. It’s made me question everything I used to believe and left me a better person because of it. How ironic you recommend education as a “cure” for Obama-mania, because your diatribe displays a distinct lack thereof.

Despite what Zac suggested, change is badly needed if America – nay, the world – wishes to prosper. Obama has a plan and is largely free from the corporate taint permeating American politics. I whole-heartedly support Obama.

As for you, Zac, I suggest you grow up. Educate yourself, question your beliefs and watch something other than Fox News for information. If that doesn’t help, you could always transfer to Liberty University or a similar neocon diploma-mill and stay encapsulated in your little bubble.