Cartoons aren’t just for kids, as anyone who’s watched the late-night programs on “Adult Swim” may have noticed. One of the star programs is “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” an animated series about a crime-fighting fry carton, a milkshake and a meatball and their life in suburban New Jersey with their neighbor, Carl.

Guest stars include Sarah Silverman, Ted Nugent, Patton Oswalt, Mike Judge and Neko Case, while plots range from futuristic turkey robots to likeable mold creatures along with pixilated characters bent on world domination to a yellow dog called “Handbanana.” Also, one or all of the characters may die during the 11-minute episode, but they’ll always be back for the next one. While this setup may sound strange, the show is well written and the interplay between the characters is hilarious.

Though the live episodes provide a refreshing change from the monotony of late night television, the DVD releases of the seasons are even better. Aside from having all of the episodes at your fingertips, the special features are a cool bonus for fans of the show. Even though this season’s episodes are not quite as good as those from season 3 – with the classic “Broodwich,” “The Cloning” and “Frat Aliens” episodes – they are still funny and quite enjoyable. “Ezekial” is very witty and “Party All the Time” has a nice touch of irony. A special feature is the uncensored version of “Dickesode,” which was both bleeped and blurred when it was originally aired but remains clear -in both picture and sound – for the DVD viewer.

You know the special features are truly “special” when the titles are sung to you. After the first shock at the way “Extras” is screamed out once it’s clicked from the menu screen, multiple features are available, including special promotional features for the recent “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters,” a music video and deleted scenes. A special gem is a live action video of porn star Tera Patrick – who guest starred on the episode “Grim Reaper Gutters” – eating a hot dog. Oh, and the DVD comes with stickers.

For those that are new to the show, not to worry, for little continuity exists from episode to episode. However, four prior volumes as well as the film are available on DVD for your enjoyment. Notable episodes include “Ol’ Drippy,” “Super Spore,” “The Dressing,” “Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future” and any episode with the Mooninites. Additionally, new episodes – and a few classics – are available for viewing pleasure online at