Every once in a while, I run across an article that makes me want to get out there and actually change my life. I’m not sure if it’s the mood I’m in when I find the article or because the article is just that powerful or because I’m an emotional girl and sometimes I let my wild feelings beat out my more logical brain. I recently came across such an article. It’s only fair that I share it with you.

Zenhabits.net recently had a post labeled “Punk Rock Your Life: The Simple Six-Letter Word That Determines Success.” Intriguing, no? So I clicked on it and started reading. The author, Brian Clark, launches into this story about one of the Sex Pistols’ early shows, which was actually a quite unremarkable performance with a showing of only 42 people.

But in that group of 42, there were future influential producers, soon-to-be musicians and even a budding music journalist. These people recognized how music was changing and hopped on board. They saw an emerging trend and took the bait. Today, they are some of the most highly regarded people in the industry.

I’ll admit that I’m out of my element in analyzing 1970s rock music. (I’m a diehard *NSYNC fan, if that says anything about me.) But I don’t have to know any Sex Pistols lyrics to appreciate the big theme in Clark’s post: when you recognize a good thing, do something about it. The six-letter word Clark refers to? Action.

So now that I’m feeling empowered, I’m not going to let today slip away. I’m going to stop talking about what I should be doing and actually do those things. And, dammit, if I wouldn’t love your company.