County employee Steven Frank Ruiz, 39, was arrested earlier this week for allegedly embezzling $15,000 of county funds, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. announced yesterday.

According to Sheriff’s Dept. Spokesman Sgt. Alex Tipolt, the two month investigation – which began after employees discovered a large discrepancy in their bookkeeping – concluded Monday, Feb. 11 in the early morning hours when Ruiz was arrested and booked into Santa Barbara County jail. Tipolt said the arrest was the culmination of department investigation.

“This arrest comes after a two-month long investigation and the discovery of the embezzlement of approximately 15,000 dollars,” Tipolt said.

A report also alluded to property Ruiz allegedly stole from the county, but was not specific. Ruiz is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail on charges of embezzlement and possession of stolen property from Santa Barbara County.