A Daily Nexus assistant editor and another suspect were arrested on charges of grand theft Friday night after the two were found with a university bike rack from the UCSB Thunderdome.

According to University of California Police Department Sergeant Mark Signa, Cameron Smith, an assistant editor for the Nexus’s Artsweek section, and Maia Kazaks, a fourth-year environmental studies major, were seen leaving UCSB with a Thunderdome bike rack by police officers on patrol at around 11 p.m.

According to Signa, when the two suspects were contacted by police officers, Kazaks and Smith allegedly admitted to taking the bike rack for personal use.

Smith, a fourth-year anthropology major, later came into the Daily Nexus office yesterday and issued a statement of resignation to the newspaper. He declined to comment further on the matter. A call from the Daily Nexus office made to Kazaks’s phone was left unanswered as of press time.

Signa said the two were taken to the Santa Barbara County Jail and bail was set at $20,000. According to Signa, the two were charged with grand theft because the item in question was worth over $400.