At Tuesday’s meeting of the Intrafraternity Council, Sigma Pi received full IFC status, while Sigma Alpha Mu was denied because of insufficient membership.

The IFC is a body comprised of nine elected officers and IFC presidents from each chapter, which meets quarterly to discuss greek system affairs. Acceptance affords fraternities the ability to vote on philanthropic activities and participate in other inter-fraternity leadership activities. At Tuesday’s meeting, the association voted to allow Sigma Pi to join in recognition of its past philanthropic activities and growing membership. However Sigma Alpha Mu, more popularly known as Sammy, was rejected because it did not have enough members.

According to IFC rules, a fraternity must receive at least 50 percent of council members’ votes to achieve full membership status.

IFC Media Relations Coordinator Sean Forage, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said the next chance for Sigma Alpha Mu to join IFC is Spring Quarter after the Spring Rush. In the meantime, the fraternity remains in “colony” status – not yet fully accepted as a chapter by the IFC.

Sigma Pi Director of Expansion Jim DiVita said the newly re-chartered frat has an advantage in that its former alumni are still sprinkled around the region.

“Sigma Pi has several alumni attorneys and lawyers in the area,” DiVita said. “Alumni have also aided the frat in finding and providing funds for their newly acquired house.”

In addition to deciding on new membership, the council also elected Andrew James Irwin of Pi Kappa Alpha as its new vice president of risk management. His duties include reviewing events in Isla Vista, speaking to university officers regarding events and coordinating with the Santa Barbara County fire marshal.

During the meeting, IFC members also agreed on the dates for Spring Rush, which will begin Apr. 7, and discussed events for Greek Week, which begins Feb. 27 and is highlighted by the Fraternity Singing Competition happening at the Hub Feb. 28.