In a survey conducted by a financial forecasting Web site, UCSB was recognized as one of the nation’s top schools with respect to “bang for the buck.”

The ranking of 100 public universities aimed to determine the best in-state college tuition of 2007. UCSB was ranked 28th in the survey, which took into account such elements as the student to faculty ratio, admission rates and graduation rates. UCSB outranked Universities of California, Davis and Riverside, but fell behind several other schools in the 10-campus system.

The survey also evaluated the total cost of an education, including cost after financial aid and average debt at graduation. UCSB also claimed 30th place on the list with respect to its value for students paying out-of-state tuition. pinned in-state tuition at $21,013, and out-of-state tuition at $40,633 in 2007.

UCSB was previously named the nation’s number two party school by Playboy magazine, the 12th best public university by the Princeton Review, and was named one of America’s hottest universities by Newsweek.