The University of California Board of Regents met at UC Los Angeles yesterday to discuss increasing executive staff salaries, while members of the University of California Students Association are currently planning to protest student fee increases today.

Meetings of the 26-member board, which is charged with administering the University, will run through Thursday. In a closed session today, the regents debated raising chancellor salaries across the 10 UC campuses. The consensus among board members was that current pay is not sufficient to compete with private universities.

Yesterday’s proposal would result in a 33 percent salary hike over four years, starting with a 13 to 17 percent increase this year. For example, Chancellor Henry T. Yang, who is currently paid $310,750 annually, would see his salary rise to $413,297.

However, some members of the board have criticized the pay hikes and stated that the increases would come at a highly inconvenient time for the state. Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, an ex-officio regent, has stated that the pay hikes are inappropriate in light of the recent seven percent student fee hike.

Additionally, in response to this and other fee increases, members of UCSA from various campuses plan to protest at tomorrow’s meeting. They allege that fees have gone up 85 percent over the course of six years without any corresponding improvement in the quality of education at the University.