Sports enthusiasts will get a fresh and funny view on the world of sports this week as the Versus network premiers its new show, “Sports Unfiltered With Dennis Miller,” tonight at 10 EST.

The weekly series will be filmed in Santa Barbara and is hosted by Dennis Miller, a comedian famous for his tenure on “Saturday Night Live” presenting the “Weekend Update.”

According to a press release, Dennis Miller is a good host for the show due to his piercing sense of humor.

“‘Sports Unfiltered With Dennis Miller’ unleashes his cerebral and acerbic wit on the world of sports through a variety of segments featured in the show each week,” the press release said.

The segments of the show will include a rant from Miller about sports news, as well as in-studio and remote interviews with prominent sports celebrities.

In a press release, Versus network President Gavin Harvey said he is very excited about the new show and he believes that it will be a great addition to the network’s existing sports programming.

“‘Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller’ is a great complement to our live sports productions and is a major step towards the next level of our original programming evolution,” Harvey said.

The network is currently home to the National Hockey League and also to programs for the Tour De France, Davis Cup Tennis, the Professional Bull Riders and other sports.

Versus Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Marc Fein said he believes the show will embody many attributes of Versus as a network and that Miller’s approach to reporting sports news will engage fans in a lively and comical way.

“Dennis Miller offers a new voice to the sports fans which is both authentic and challenging, two of the core brand attributes that embodies who we are as a network,” Fein said in the press release. “His thought-provoking approach to the current sports landscape will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows and surely spark a healthy debate on the hottest issues in sports.”

When asked about his take on the show, Dennis Miller said he is planning on calling key issues even better than a sports referee.

“I’ll call ’em as I see ’em and hopefully I’ll see ’em better than the home plate ump in the San Diego Padres-Colorado Rockies tiebreaker game,” Miller said in the release.