Editor, Daily Nexus,

Ladies, it’s Friday night. There’s a slight breeze but otherwise a perfectly cool Isla Vista night. Do you grab a jacket to put over your cute summer dress or mini skirt? Or are you like me, grabbing the all too familiar alcohol jacket instead and showing off your cute new outfit?

I like to think my friends and I are now I.V. vets for all elements of nature. Everything from taking taxis from Francisco Torres to the senior houses on Del Playa through winds, to having a sober friend drive our cars to drop us off and pick us up when it rains, to wearing a pea coat out and then proceeding to hide it in someone’s room. We have braved the cold, the wet and the wind to party.

When I hear younglings and cynical girls complaining about us ladies who go out in the “freezing cold” wearing only mini skirts and dresses, it leaves me with mixed emotions.

First off, leave me alone. I am a happy drunk girl wearing a new outfit that probably should have been spent on the electricity bill or the reader I never bought for class. I don’t hear anyone else complaining about a group of girls wearing skimpy outfits in 72 degree weather.

Honestly, it’s not that cold out. I love walking out of my house and seeing groups of people standing on corners wearing sweatshirts. Cold to me means my fingernails are blue, I can’t feel my toes, and Frosty the Snowman is singing and dancing down DP. We live on the beach – not freakin’ Wisconsin. Embrace the beautiful weather because you could be wearing a parka and snow boots.

Please, get off of your pedestal and look around one night – the majority of girls here like to dress up, dress cute and dress less. Try it one night! Down a drink or three, put on a mini skirt and your trustworthy alcohol blanket will not fail you. But, if for some reason it does, that cute outfit you are wearing will help you find someone to keep you warm!