Isla Vista residents craving pizza may be surprised to find a fireman knocking at their door this Friday.

As part of a collaboration between the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. and Domino’s Pizza, any resident who orders a delivery after 6 p.m. on Friday may receive a free pizza via fire truck. With the residents’ permission, firemen will check the house for a working smoke alarm, and if they find one, the pizza is free. If the smoke alarm is missing batteries, or is broken, firemen will either replace those batteries or give the residents a new smoke alarm.

North County Domino’s Director of Operations Don Croner said he was not concerned with losing money from delivering too many free pizzas.

“I don’t care if everyone gets a free pizza,” Croner said. “That’s no problem to me. I want to go out there and save lives.”

Croner began the program last March and said that although he had expected resistance when pitching the idea to his superiors, he was met with complete enthusiasm. He said that during the program’s first trial run, the firemen found 48 non-working smoke detectors, which he translated to 48 saved lives.

Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. spokesman Eli Iskow said residents should take advantage of the free pizza offer. He said the program will hopefully remind people to change their batteries and to check their smoke alarms more than once a year. Iskow said he recommends that people check their smoke alarms at least twice a year, and to do it in conjunction with daylight savings time as a good reminder.

Iskow said some residents in places like as Isla Vista remove their batteries for use in other appliances and then fail to put new ones back in.

“[In] a lot of homes and residences, especially in I.V., people pull batteries out of [smoke detectors] all the time,” Iskow said.

Third-year environmental science major Chistopher Spadi said he believes the program advocates fire safety and gives people great incentives.

“It is a good way to promote that it is important to have working smoke alarms,” Spadi said. “Free pizza will get people to do anything.”

Croner said that with the combined support of many different Domino’s locations and the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept., the program has grown to include San Luis Obispo County and all of the Domino’s locations in Santa Barbara County.