Associated Student’s Finance Board allocated $63,101.32 to 15 groups at their meeting last night, leaving $66,837.16 in unallocated funds for the quarter.

Early in the meeting, the board discussed a potential policy violation by American Students for Israel, which presented last week’s screening of “Obsession”- a controversial film that focuses on radical Islam. Following discussion, the board determined that no violation occurred.

As reported in the Daily Nexus (“Finance Board To Review Possible Funding Violation,” Oct. 26), ASI requested funding to show the film as part of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. However, publicity for the event did not mention ASI and instead credited another group – Foundation for the Defense of Democracies – with sponsoring the event. According to A.S. policies, Finance Board can only fund campus groups registered through the Office of Student Life. While ASI is registered, FDD is not.

At the meeting, ASI member Jessie Nowain said the group did sponsor the event, despite the omission of ASI’s name from posters and fliers.

“I didn’t even want ASI to bring the film,” Nowain said. “The compromise was that we would put on the event, but we just didn’t want to put our name on the flier.”

Board member J.P. Primeau, who brought up the issue to the board, removed his motion after hearing Nowain’s explanation of events.

“In light of this information, it doesn’t look like [a violation] took place at all,” Primeau said.

Meanwhile, the most discussed fund of the night was a $12,547 allocation given to the UCSB Dance Team to hire a choreographer and fund travel and registration fees for national competitions.

Dance team member Lindsey DuPriest said the group was struggling to find funding from other sources like Athletics and Rec Sports, forcing the team to spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to participate.

“I just spoke to Bobby Castagna [the Associate Athletics Director], and they in no way want us to be part of Athletics,” DuPriest said. “To be a part of Rec Sports takes a lot of years.”

Primeau suggested funding the group’s request with part of the $20,000 internal lock-in funding set aside for club sports. According to the A.S. Legal Code, 4 percent of the A.S. undesignated base fee – or no more than $20,000 – may go toward sports clubs for competition travel costs. Only two clubs per quarter may ask for a portion of this fund.

“There’s some money set aside for club sports for transportation,” Primeau said. “Part of the promise of Student’s Initiative was ‘If you help us [pass it], we will help you with transportation.'”

Board member Megan Klein said she was hesitant to give half of the special fund to a single club so early in the year.

“It’s a lot of money to give to one organization,” Klein said. “What about all of these other groups that are probably going to pay $1,500 per person anyway?”

The final allocation gave the dance team $8,667 from the special fund and an additional $3,880 from general unallocated funds.

Finance Board also gave $6,175 to the Environmental Affairs Board to allow members to attend a conference in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

EAB Co-Chair Quentin Gee said the students attending the conference will bring valuable environmental information back to the school.

“We are certainly going to be holding students accountable,” Gee said. “When they come back… they can write an editorial for the Nexus or the Bottom Line.”