Over 150 police officers will patrol Isla Vista and its surrounding area this weekend as authorities expect the streets to become flooded with Halloween revelers.

The University of California Police Dept., Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. and I.V. Foot Patrol will all dispatch officers to I.V. this weekend. Additionally, the UCSB Transportation and Parking Services will offer Halloween parking passes to students on campus.

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. Erik Raney said his office plans to commit about 150 to 200 police officers to I.V. on Friday and Saturday night – the busiest nights of Halloween weekend.

“We have a zero-tolerance enforcement posture for all crimes alcohol-related, party-related – anything that you can think of,” Raney said. “Drunk in public, open containers, minors in possession of alcohol, indecent exposure and loud music ordinances [are] all zero tolerance.”

Authorities will also implement blockades from Sabado Tarde Road to Del Playa Drive and prohibit parking on those streets as well. In addition, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. and the California Highway Patrol will set up posts in I.V. to check for drunk drivers.

Students residing in I.V. may park their cars in certain locations on campus by applying for a Halloween permit available through TPS’s Web site.

The parking permits are valid from 10 a.m. Friday through Sunday at noon, and again from 10 a.m. on Halloween through 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 1 in Lots 22, 30 and 38. Students can pick up the permits in front of the UCen 24 hours after applying by presenting their photo ID and a copy of their vehicle’s registration. Regular night and weekend permits will become invalid during these times, said TPS Associate Director Bob Sundberg.

“I encourage [students] to participate in the program,” Sundberg said. “We want them to be safe and have their vehicles in a safe location.”

Additionally, Calfornia State Alcohol Beverage Control Dept. officers will check identification at local establishments that sell alcohol to check for violations of selling alcohol to minors.

University departments are also urging students to make this year’s Halloween a local event. Students will have to verify their UCSB status with their ACCESS Cards before entering into residence halls.

Raney said it was important for students to minimize the amount of guests during this year’s Halloween weekend.

“We would encourage people that if they would want to have a peaceful, local Halloween in Isla Vista this year that they not invite their friends,” Raney said. “In fact, they should discourage their out-of-town friends from coming.”

Meanwhile, the California’s wildfire situation is straining Santa Barbara’s resources as public and safety personnel are being deployed in other counties to help combat the situation. As a result, 3rd District Supervisor Brooks Firestone said those planning to party are asked to act appropriately and obey the law.

“The problems in Southern California have put demands on our county, and some of our public safety people have been sent down to help because of all the tragedies down there so that has put some strain on resources,” Firestone said. “I think the only response can be an appeal to everyone to be thoughtful about that situation and also realize that the tolerance levels for any type of misbehavior might be strict.”