After a month of wild finishes, too many off days, and just enough of Manny being Manny, we’re now left with a World Series matchup that truly pits my heart against my head. In my heart, I want the Rockies to win. I met Ryan Spilbourghs once, so if you think about it, I’m pretty much a member of the team by now. Plus, it’s hard not to love a team that’s blown through the last month while getting contributions from every single member of the roster. Never has a team been hotter coming into the Series than the Rockies are, but as Clive Owen reminded us, therein lies the rub. There’s no way these guys can keep it up, especially after spending the last week playing in the snow at Coors Field. While my heart lies with the Rockies, my head just keeps telling me that the Red Sox are the better team. Josh Beckett is virtually unbeatable these days, and that lineup is treating opposing pitchers like O.J. treats memorabilia dealers. If Big Papi can avoid hurting himself when he has to play first base, and Manny can avoid getting too high from that Rocky Mountain air, Boston will be just fine. With my credibility as a somewhat reliable college journalist and my near-perfect postseason picking record on the line, I’m going to have to go with the Sox. That won’t prevent me, however, from spending the next two weeks rooting for the boys of Rocktober. The pick: Red Sox in six.
Alex Pavlovic / Staff Writer

Here we are again in glorious October; the month MLB dreams are finally realized. With the World Series fervor at its highest point, I’m going to fan the flames a little bit by assuring you that this will be the best Series in quite some time. The Red Sox, the kings of the comeback, are feeling the joy of sending Chief Wahoo and the Cleveland Indians back to their tepees. The Sox have one of the most dominant postseason lineups in history, and they certainly have shown that that they won’t fold up their tents and quit. But all of that doesn’t mean crap, because the Rockies are going to storm through the Series like John Daly with the keys to the Coors factory. No team in the history of baseball has headed into the Series with as much momentum as Colorado. After heading toward an early offseason, the Rockies went 14-1 down the stretch to get into the playoffs, and have yet to lose a postseason game. Throw in their unprecedented eight days off after winning the National League Championship Series, and they have the heavy advantage. Look at it this way: The Rockies lineup could have spent four days in a row blending up Mad Dogaritas and frequenting strip clubs and they still would have had more time to rest and practice than Boston has had. That kind of rest is what wins games late in the season, and combined with their insane hot streak, the Rockies should have no problem winning. The pick: Rockies in five.
Derek Mead / Staff Writer

As much as it pains me to see the Red Sox in the Series yet again, they do have the most exciting player in all of baseball at their disposal. No, not Josh Beckett, who has basically been God in human form this postseason. By the way, he plays the role much better than Alanis Morissette. And no, not Big Papi – even though watching him butcher ball after ball at first base in Colorado should be one of the postseason’s more memorable moments. I’m talking about my idol, Manny Ramirez. He plays the game the same way I approach school and pretty much everything else: without giving a flying fuck. And if someone is going to drive a dagger through the heart of my Angels, it might as well be the Dreaded Wonder. Leaving Tim Wakefield off the World Series roster was Terry Francona’s best decision yet because the Rockies would knock those hanging knuckleballs all the way into Montana or whatever state is next to Colorado. I don’t care if the Rockies were making snow angles and having a good time chilling during the past week. They are going to be rusty at the plate to start the Series, and with Beckett going in Game One they are going to find themselves in a hole from the outset. Colorado’s pitching has been stellar so far, but Boston’s lineup is more potent than the National League All-Stars. Coors Field will be rocking enough to steal a game or two, but the magic will end. The pick: Red Sox in five.
Chris Hoffman / Staff Writer

Baseball fans will prepare for a clash of two juggernauts in Wednesday’s World Series Game One. Let’s start with the Colorado Rockies, who have won 21 of their last 22 games and are riding a tsunami of talented youth. Rookies like shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and starter Ubaldo Jimenez don’t possess any postseason experience, but they have instantly risen to superstardom in the last five weeks. Although the biggest stage is foreign to many of Colorado’s players, I doubt they will be stopping to smell any hot dogs on their way to the championship. On the other hand, the Boston Red Sox bring a monstrous nation of fans to cheer their intimidators on the mound and at the plate. Starter Curt Schilling is somehow still able to hit the 90s on the gun despite being 100 years old, and left fielder Manny Ramirez has batted over .300 in his last three postseasons. While experience can be invaluable, with great age also comes great overconfidence. In my opinion, less pressure is on the unseasoned shoulders of Colorado – only seven Sox were born after 1980 compared to 11 on the Rockies – meaning they will come out loose and ready. Regardless of the outcome, both of these teams are about to put on a show fans have been anticipating for some time and the only thing I’m not looking forward to is seeing any more of drama queen Dane Cook’s shitty commercials. The pick: Rockies in seven.
Rob Garcia