Editor, Daily Nexus,

At best, Alex Shlyakhov’s “Wednesday Hump” articles have been offensive and irresponsible. This week he stated that he expects women to stay shaven and that “not trimming” is “definitely not the way you want to go,” (“Make Sexy Time Shaven, Not Furred,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 17). As if his “Donkey Punch” and “once the fluid hits your mouth it’s safe to swallow” (“Manage Magic Beanstalk Like a Pro,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 3) comments weren’t enough, now he’s straight up judging our va jay jays? Give me a break, kid. While the sex column at our school is largely meant to be for entertainment, he needs to realize that he has a responsibility to the students to be honest with them. Publishing gender-biased, medically inaccurate, semi-degrading bullshit in his column is an insult to all of us and a waste of our time. Maybe he should check out the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity, www.Sex-info.com or get a presentation from the UCSB Sex and Relationship Interns. After he learns a thing or two about a thing or two, maybe then he can come up with a column that we can all be proud of.