Today I would like to tell you about the best new drinking game on the rise. It combines competitive physical ability with heavy drinking and fun. The game: Snappa.

To set up a game of Snappa you need a die, four cups, four players, four chairs and a table — and a lot of beer. Any table will work, although typically I just use one of our beer pong tables. Each cup should be filled with beer and placed about a hand’s distance from each of the four corners. The players position their chairs about a foot behind their respective cups. Take a seat and you are ready to play.

The rules may seem a little complicated at first, but the game is really pretty simple. To win, your team must score at least seven points and you must win by two. I’ve seen games go to outrageous scores, such as 19-17, before finally ending in a drunken collapse. There are two ways to score. First, and ideally, is to get a Snappa, which is successfully throwing your die in your opponent’s cup. The second way to score a point is if your die bounces on the table and the opponent does not catch it properly.

There are a few rules about throwing the die. You must be sitting, it must be thrown underhand and it must reach a certain minimum height. This height is usually determined at the beginning of the game and is equivalent to the tallest player so there are no easy shots. Also, the die can’t touch the ceiling.

Now, the rules for catching: If you’re playing defense, you must be sitting in your chair as the die is thrown. When the die bounces on the table, you must catch it with one hand. Exceptions to this rule may be added for the ladies. Similar to the “blowing” rule of beer pong, women are allowed to catch the die between one hand and their body, or in between their boobies. This is appropriately called a “titty catch”` and is highly praised.

If the die touches the ceiling or bounces off the side of the table, the defender does not have to catch it. The only time a defender must catch the die off the side of the table is if the die in any way touches the cup. In this case the defender must dive from their chair to the side of the table, impressing everyone with their difficult catch. If the defender fails, the opposing team receives a point.

Time for the best part: drinking. After a game or two of Snappa, you will be shit-faced. Pretty much, you must drink one third of a beer each time you fuck up. Not only do you have to drink one third of your beer, but so does your teammate. After all, there is no “I” in Snappa.

So when do you have to drink? Every time you throw the die and miss the table or when you drop a die or catch it improperly, you drink… and the other team gets a point. When the die lands on the table and shows a five, you drink. When your die hits a cup and then lands on the table showing a five, the opposing team must drink.

The best drinking rule of all is when a Snappa is thrown. If you throw a Snappa your opponents must finish what the remainder of their beer. After they finish the beer they must drink the die and then spit it on the table. If the die shows a five, your opponent must put the die back in his cup, and their team must finish another entire beer. Then they spit the die on the table again. This continues until the player spits the die and it lands on any number other than five. I once saw this happen four times in a row — the team nearly puked.

I hope I explained this awesome drinking game clear enough for you. I urge you to give Snappa a try the next time you and some friends are at a kickback and want to play a drinking game.