The Santa Barbara Police Dept. has now released the name of the UCSB student and his two family members who were struck by a car this past weekend while crossing a downtown intersection.

Janone Ashkenazi, a first-year resident of Francisco Torres, was walking across the intersection of State Street and Carrillo Street with his mother, Estelle, and younger brother, Ilan, when a silver Kia Optima ran into the family of three.

The family, all Santa Barbara residents, was rushed to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital to receive medical attention. Though 18-year-old Janone Ashkenazi was originally reported to have suffered serious internal injuries, officials have now said that his condition was far less serious than doctors initially feared, and he was released from the hospital on Monday.

His 54-year-old mother remains in the hospital under treatment, but authorities reported that she is in good condition, despite the head trauma she received. However, 14-year-old Ilan Ashkenazi, who sustained extreme head trauma and internal injuries from the collision, is still in critical condition at Cottage Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Patricia Blatt, 65, was the driver of the vehicle that struck the family. Authorities reported that Blatt’s Kia was traveling at a speed of 30 miles per hour when it hit the Ashkenazis. Police stated that Blatt was not under the influence of any drug or other substance.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation.