Editor, Daily Nexus,

You missed a couple of points on the douchebaggery of the actions performed by Ian Taylor.

It’s not like his admission to Berkeley just came up – he applied at the end of November! Is it even conceivable that he did not know what he would do? No! Again, he’s been mulling this over since after he applied in November. How he could even run for any student government position knowing there was a decent chance he would not be here is despicable. I, too, am transferring, and last fall I knew there was a good chance I would not be here, so I did not vote. I did not feel right in voting on something that would not affect me, but somehow this resume-padding douchebag decides it’s okay to run for an elected office? All I can say is you guys are lucky he’s Berkeley’s problem now.

It’s pure and utter BS that his “decision” took longer than a week. Again, he’s been mulling over this possibility for five months. Oh, and his lame excuse that he e-mailed his decision weeks ago – what, the e-mail got lost? It’s more likely his e-mail got blocked by a spam filter because he sent it from douchebag@douchebag.com.

I am just glad I will not have to deal with all the student government BS that happens here in Santa Barbara – candidates leaving, proposing fee increases of over $100 when they are supposed to be representing the students, turning down a proposed increase of a little over a dollar. I definitely will not miss all the whining by all the students, when they could not take five minutes out of their day to vote against a ridiculous fee increase. Chapel Hill, here I come!