With an overloaded schedule of Spring Quarter nightlife events and finals approaching closer and closer, the average student may be feeling like they might burn out before summer even begins. Artsweek recommends detoxifying from the weekend and clearing your mind by visiting any one of these free, relaxing, art-enthused atmospheres.

Check out the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s Tamayo exhibit. The Mexican artist, influenced by abstract impressionism, has an extensive number of paintings from the cosmic to the colorful, dark and tragic to the romantic. With one glance at a painting in the exhibit, any museum-goer will want to chase after the next work, but this is no shot of vodka – take in the paintings slowly. Sundays are free and, with the subdued lighting, hangover friendly. The exhibit ends May 28.

Pay a visit to Chaucer’s Books. If the roommates are getting too rowdy, make your way to Chaucer’s, one of the last independently owned bookstores in town. This quiet, tranquil bookstore has a huge variety of books and magazines bursting from the shelves. Located at 3321 State St., the store is a cell-phone free zone, so escape the noise, turn your phone off, grab a book and relax in the luxury of words. Chaucer’s Books is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sit in on a free concert at UCSB’s Music Bowl. Add an extra rhythm to the flip-flop of your Rainbows. Step outside California beach culture and into the Multicultural Center and Program of Music Ethnography’s “World Music Series.” From Ugandan music to Mexican folk, the series sparkles with global sounds unique to the Santa Barbara community. Performances are every Wednesday at noon, and next week features North Indian classical music.

If you take a moment for a silent literary reverie, pause for a sip of art or linger for a note of music, these locales, just a two-step away from your last class, will cool you off with culture just in time to fire up for finals.