For any ’90s ska fan, Suburban Legends’ performance would have satisfied their craving for some rhythmic guitar and some blasting brass sound. With Brian Robertson on trombone and Luis Beza on trumpet, the brass section was complete. Their ability to perform while playing was impressive to say the least. It was not all brass – Suburban Legends brought back the piano guitar unveiling their ability to mix up their sound in an extraordinary fashion.

With a spectacular performance, Suburban Legends entertained the small crowd that initially crammed the barricade. After a short amount of time, a few songs and a bit more blazing brass sounds, more people crowded the stage to watch the Suburban Legends perform. Robertson, Beza and lead singer Vince Walker’s coordinated dance between lyrics and notes, proved that synchronized dancing is not only for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake videos. Robertson’s energy showed the crowd that white boys can dance and have fun.

Walker’s style and charisma allowed for some crowd participation when he asked all to duck and hide behind the barricade in order to surprise guitarist Brian Klemm for his birthday. “Show Brian the biggest surprise of all – your hearts” Walker said. Klemm responded with, “That was the best birthday surprise of all, thank you.”

The ability of Suburban Legends to entertain the crowd was evident in the overwhelming amount of people finding their groove. With the audience dancing, singing along or just having a good time, Suburban Legends rocked Harder Stadium at this year’s Extravaganza 2007.