Mama didn’t raise no quitters – or did she? On Monday, Associated Students Internal Vice President-Elect, Ian Taylor, withdrew from his position and its promise to UCSB in exchange for that of another student body – UC Berkeley’s. Conveniently, Taylor received his admission to the northern UC campus’ honors program just a few weeks after winning the A.S. election with a total vote of 52.46 percent. Thanks, for making us your “sloppy second” choice, Ian, and for announcing it on Facebook first. Very classy.

Being on A.S. requires intense dedication, and Taylor’s flaky behavior is inexcusably selfish. He said the reason he chose to withdraw was because he wanted to focus on academics. Taylor also claimed that even if he had not been admitted to Berkeley, he would have resigned anyway because the position was too much of a commitment. No, duh.

IVP and other executive positions are not just any “extracurricular activities.” Members of A.S. are to serve the students first and foremost. People who are unsure of their ability to make the student body’s interests a priority should never even consider running for a position on Legislative Council. Taylor’s actions are reprehensible. He led many of the students and his Open People’s Party running mates to believe he was dedicated to this position. His promises now seem hollow.

Ironically, it was Taylor, himself, who said that the biggest problem facing A.S. was student apathy (“A.S. Candidates Tackle Student Apathy,” Daily Nexus, April 12). Only 21.95 percent of the student body voted in the last spring election – and who can blame them? Taylor’s resignation marks the second time in a row that an IVP candidate has resigned due to lack of dedication.

Yet, this lackadaisical approach is not isolated to the IVP position. While many of the A.S. members do, in fact, fulfill their duties, Leg Council continually finds itself with a handful of representatives who frequently leave meetings early, send proxies or travel abroad for a quarter. Maybe, Berkeley should admit more transfer students.

With Taylor gone, the Nexus hopes the new IVP, Students’ Party candidate Matt Jackson, fulfills his promise to the voters. As for Ian, don’t let the UCSB door hit you on the way out.